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Jan 14, 2019

Men’s Detoxifying Facial

A detoxifying facial is one that is designed to draw the toxins from your skin. Toxins are what make your skin look older. If you're thinking about getting a detoxifying facial in Vaughan, then...Read more

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What do physiotherapy programs include?

Your physiotherapist will take a history, perform a physical examination and develop a treatment plan with you. Your treatment plan may include customized exercises, manual therapy or any of the treatments listed in our treatment section.

Will laser therapy work on my face veins?

Although there is no way to tell for sure which veins will respond, a full medical history prior to the treatment will help determine what you should expect. Prior surgery or treatment on your veins could affect the treatment outcome. In some cases, further testing may be recommended to determine if there are underlying venous problems.

Are there any risks involved?

Osteopathy is considered to have one of the safest approaches to treatment amongst the complimentary modalities that treat pain and disease.
Overall, an osteopathy session is generally gentle and relaxing. In most cases following treatment there is at least partial relief of symptoms however depending on the types of techniques used, some people may feel some soreness around the sites of treatment or experience a light lethargy in the days after a session.

Do foot orthotics (insoles) hurt when you first use them?

No. The foot orthotics should not create new pain or aggravate existing pain. There is always a break-in, or transition period for anything that one puts on their body to restrain movement, however, there should be NO PAIN associated with this transition period, only an unfamiliar and therefore, for some, an uncomfortable new feeling to get used to. The mind is an amazing tool and helps us to quickly adapt to new things, this transition period should only last for a few days.

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