The Hydra Lift and Oxygen Blast LED Facial

The Hydra Lift and Oxygen Blast LED Facial

The older we get the less collagen and elastin our bodies produce, leaving us the result of sagging skin and wrinkles. Not only does collagen production slow down, but with the high levels of free-radicals being exposed to our skin to daily such as smoking, alcohol, sun, and pollution, we have to worry about the destruction of our collagen as well.

Multi-functioning 4-in-1 oxygen system includes:

  • Diamond Microdermabraision
  • Oxygen Spray & Generator
  • LED Mask
  • Multipolar Radiofrequency

Diamond Microdermabraision – Used to exfoliate the skin. Not only does exfoliation help many skin problems, it also increases blood flow to the face which helps achieve healthy and glowing skin

Oxygen Spray & Generator – Increases micro-circulation as well as oxygenates the skin. It boosts collagen production, calms the skin, and reduces inflammation and acne.

Multipolar Radiofrequency – Radiofrequency firms, tones, and tightens the skin. The heat energy emitted from the device penetrates through tissue layers and provides a deep thermal effect resulting in skin rejuvenation.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Mask – Specific wavelengths that process through the tissue are able to regenerate and improve skin appearance. LED can help with rosacea, anti-aging, sun damage, and collagen production, all while rejuvenating the skin.

Treatment Price
60 Minutes $289

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